Unlocking High Performance by Jason Lauritsen

This book was one that I had not had on my typical “favorites” library but turned out to be a diamond in the rock.  I stumbled on this book through a webinar I attended about performance management that was being hosted by the author, Jason Lauritsen. Honestly, I did not even know who he was but because of my continuous quest for education I attended the webinar to learn more about managing a team as the topic was of interest. During the webinar Jason mentioned some highlights that caught my attention and once he mentioned I could find more information in his book, I was hooked, I made an immediate investment to read more.

To my surprise the book was a very easy read and full of great information. You see, I am the type of learner that likes to learn from examples of lived experiences and use those to implement in my own life. I really enjoyed how the author made the topic easy to understand with language that was palatable to comprehend. Throughout the book Jason offers examples that you can quickly put into practice, he references ideas and concepts that other businesses are using successfully and shares experiences of things he, himself, used which have proven to be successful in managing employee’s performance, since, for anyone that has managed a team can quickly realize it is more comprehensive that just being the boss.

I was particularly intrigued on the concept the author explores in the relationship between employer and employee. He positions this relationship as one of an implied contractual agreement, where the rules and policies of the company become the terms and conditions of the contract and the compensation of the employee becomes the cost of goods the employer is paying to receive. I loved the idea of the author highlighting that relationship because that stigma is still prevalent in many business owners and managers today. The author offers us the opportunity of changing that stigma and viewing that relationship in a whole new light. By providing a new approach to that relationship and visualizing that relationship with more of a personal approach, we can start the building blocks of creating a team of high performing individuals. Jason provides components that will become essential in changing how, as managers and leaders, that new approach can be achieved.  Just think of how you approach your relationships (whether with your family or friends) and start taking some of those components and treating your employees like people rather than like contracts. Being more honest, empathetic, supportive, disciplined, and consistent (amongst other the author addresses in the book) can be the beginning tools of developing a team that is effective and high performing.

Honestly, it was a book that I could not put down and read within a week, between all my busy schedules. I recommend this book to anyone that is in the business of managing people, especially to business owners.  Once you realize the concept of how making the change in view of that employer/employee relationship from a contractual relationship to a more humane and personal relationship you will see the positive impact on your business and I am certain it would be something you would want other business leaders to implement as well.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Unlocking-High-Performance-performance-management/dp/0749483296  

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