How full is your bucket? By Tom Rath & Don Clifton

This book was quite a short book, it took me about an hour to read. I came across this book as a reference in a previous book I had read and was excited to learn more about this “filling your bucket” concept. From the beginning of the read I realized that the story was based on the personal experience of one of the authors, which means the passion of the concept was a real life lived experience. And, although the book was first published in 2004 this concept is very relatable today, especially after such a trivial time of managing our lives through social media and most recently experiencing a different type of life through the pandemic.

Interesting enough this book talks about how “filling someone’s bucket” with positive or negative discussion can impact the success and failures of an individual. It reviews how small interactions or experiences can add or take away from that daily bucket and how that bucket can change from being full to being empty throughout your life. It also touches on what you do to fill or take away from other people’s bucket which is interesting because it provides a different perspective on our own behavior effect on others.  The author focuses the totality of the book on the one “filling your bucket” concept which is why the read is lee involved in comparison to other self-help books.

I recommend this book to all readers but especially to our young adult readers because the read is simple and short but most of all because they are surrounded by a world that influences the size of their bucket daily, when in turn they should be the driving force of the size of their bucket by deciding who they allow to feed or take away from that bucket.

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