Exactly What To Say  – by Phil Jones

by Phil Jones (Author)

If you are in the world of sales, entrepreneurship or are looking to expand your vocabulary to be more persuasive this book is for you. Whether you are trying to sell an idea, sell yourself, pitch or present a product this book provides a wealth of knowledge that relates to the impact of the words you are using to convey your message. Exactly What To Say by Phil Jones, provides an array of examples of how the words you use to express yourself in your daily conversations can change the impact of the results you obtain from that conversation. This book, which is broken up into 23 sections, outlines in each section specific scenarios you can be faced with and how that scenario can become a success or failure depending on what vocabulary you are using to communicate the message. 

Each section of the book explains some of the mistakes we are currently making with the words we are using to express a thought. It breaks down why some of the words we are using are not favorable to achieve a positive outcome. Then it provides the words we should be using, the reason why we should use those words and how the use of those “magical words” will result in the positive outcome we are hoping to obtain. 

Overall, this book is an easy read. It is short, to the point, and very helpful if you are trying to enhance your business vocabulary to obtain better results or encourage others to support your idea, concept, or product. I would recommend you read this book a couple of times and throughout time in your business career. Maybe take one or two of the sections and start interjecting the “magical words” into your vocabulary until it becomes natural in your vocabulary. It is an inexpensive way to obtain the language that many successful business professionals have used to soar. 

To buy this book: https://www.amazon.com/Exactly-What-Say-Influence-Impact-ebook/dp/B073SF65ZZ

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